Day 2

So I know how this goes the first two weeks are the easiest for me, I have done this too many times to count.  One thing I know I will not miss the three day hangovers. UGH. The last hangover I had a week ago I was not myself for three days and let me tell you I have to be busy all the time and I don’t like staying in one place too long. So to not have energy for three days is a killer for me.

A few years ago I would drink Vodka a lot, in the winter it would be White Russians and in the summertime  vodka and lemonade.  But let me tell you the pain I went through the next day was unbearable I’m surprised I survived those times.  I would honestly puke my guts out every 20 minutes for hours and hours sometimes up to 12 hours.  I would be so thirsty and every time I would drink something it would come right back up. You would think someone would quit forever after going through that.  Not worth the pain!  I guess it was for me.  It felt so good to be sober. I was on top of the world.  But it never lasted long.

I’ve called into work so many times and lied about why I couldn’t come in. I’ve lost so many jobs and opportunities that I lost count.  Not to mention my criminal record ALL has to do with drinking.

I have prayed so many times to be sober.  And I hope this is a new chapter of my life that I can finally be free.  What ever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I believe that.

My Journal on staying sober for one year starts today

I have struggled for so long almost 20 years of my life with alcohol.  I have finally came to a decision to listen to God and stay sober for one year.  I want to take you with me on this journey the ups and the downs that will come from not drinking. Along this journey I will tell stories as they are remembered on this long struggling road I have been on. I want to first tell you a little about me and as we go on you will get to know me very well.  Some will love me and some will hate me.  But I am ready for this new chapter in my life.  I will start with this;

I believe in God and you will hear some of my beliefs in this blog and as I once heard “take what you want and leave the rest.  I know a few years ago I was struggling with my life and I was really down and I got on my knees and prayed and asked God please tell me what I need to do to have a better life?!?!  And believe it or not I heard inside of me say get rid of drinking and David ( David is my children’s father which you will hear more about but my sobriety is what this is about) Now that has stuck in my head for so long and I know its true.  But it has taken me a long time to take the first step.  I hope you will come with me on this journey and please feel free to ask questions or share your experiences too .Please no negativity this is going to be the hardest thing in life I’ve had to do so far so please be kind. With that being said….  Let’s Go!